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Heating privacy reform and disadvantages: the three major trouble or the owners themselves

Date:2017-06-15     Hits:1671

Many people in the decoration, in order to make the family more beautiful, then the heating of private transformation, and some owners will be replaced by a beautiful decorative film, and the owners will
Radiator shift or add. As everyone knows, such a transformation will bring some drawbacks and trouble later.
    Trouble one: easy to leak, and after the leakage to take responsibility

    Refurbished heating, easy to leak. The installation of the heating must be done by the technician"s precise design by a professional person. Most of the user to transform their own heating for the convenience of living and pondering the change, simply do not find a professional design, installation, often from the decoration market to find some temporary help to help install, after such a private transformation of the heating, it is easy in the heating pressure test or heating When the leakage, because the heating is their own private change, the occurrence of leakage, the user"s own responsibility, their own maintenance, if the leak, to the downstairs users cause losses, but also bear the corresponding responsibility.
    Every year in October water pressure test, heating private users at home leakage often appear. October 22 this year, a power plant east of a resident called, home heating film leakage is serious, told their own film caused by the tension I do not know how to deal with, call the team phone for help, team members to the unit valve closed, maintenance heating Handled by the user themselves.

    Trouble two: easy to cause not hot, and even affect the entire unit

    The user unauthorized transformation of heating, destruction of the original design, it is likely to cause no hot phenomenon. Sometimes when the transformation is serious, will affect the entire unit of heating, especially for the next unit system. According to the relevant provisions of the heating, due to user transformation caused by the home temperature is not up to the standard, the user"s own responsibility, if the impact of upstairs user temperature, but also bear the corresponding loss of private users, heating parties have the right to require users to restore Heating facilities, otherwise no heating.
    Lai Shan District Xindu Garden has a resident, in 2010, private transformation of heating, resulting in the whole unit of the heating temperature is not good, 500 inspection team has been asked to restore the user to the original heating. In this year"s inspection, the user"s home heating has not yet been restored, the customer center can only suspend the unit charges. Because if the user does not reset the transformation, even if the unit heating can not reach the standard temperature, at present, 500 is the joint property and transformation of the user to coordinate the heating reset, hoping to solve the normal recovery unit normal heating.

    Trouble three: stop or reload can not be carried out.
    Unauthorized transformation or packaging of the heating, the user reported to stop, reloading will bring trouble. The user to transform the heating, often the radiator into a beautiful decorative film, so in the demolition, loading film, you need to use a specific tool to operate, the team is for the original system of heating with a unified tool, so, can not be private Change the user to dismantle, install the film, only the user"s own disassembly, and then let the team personnel door acceptance, even if the acceptance of qualified water leakage phenomenon, because the user"s transformation reasons, is still the user"s own commitment.

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